short, hands-on learning experiences from a cruisers' point of view.

Cruiser Sailing 101

It's not for racing in the bay. It's for comfort, safety, and longevity.

Key Ideas:

  • Primary rudder
  • Headsail sailing
  • Heaving to
  • Sailing on anchor
  • Reefing techniques

Diesel Engine

Sometimes the engine is your last defense - she better run.

Key Ideas:

  • Maintenance items
  • Spare parts
  • Oh Sh*t scenarios
  • Charging lithium
  • Starting batteries

Going Ashore & Dinghy Basics

They call her a cruiser's car, but there's a bit more to it.

Key Ideas:

  • Maintaining hypalon
  • Anchoring techniques
  • Lessons from losses
  • Securing while underway
  • Mooring etiquette

Weather Planning Basics

Out here, Mother Nature is your only calendar.

Key Ideas:

  • Weather windows
  • Air pressure
  • Sea state
  • Planning a route
  • Safe anchorage

Anchoring Techniques

A good anchor is great, but a good technique is best.

Key Ideas:

  • Setting the hook
  • Chain vs Nylon Rode
  • Stern anchor
  • Secondary anchor
  • Rolly anchorages


It's easy to maintain in a marina, but what about on anchor?

Key Ideas:

  • Washing and waxing
  • Defending against rust
  • Bilge business
  • Battery maintenance
  • Bottom paint lessons

These workshops are designed for crewmates when they come aboard Cadence on a Crusier's Experience. Can you help us out by offering feedback (see below).

What workshop stands out as the most important to you? Which workshop is least appealing to you? Please share your thoughts with us!

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