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Upcoming Passages 2022-2023

5 Days in the Atlantic: Florida to Eleuthera 

Date/Time: October 16-23, 2022. 1 Full Week*.

Join us for a week+ aboard Cadence. We'll start in Florida and sail from Cape Cavaveral east into the Atlantic Ocean, and head south to Eleuthera Island Bahamas.

3 Days at Sea + 4 Days in the Islands

Date/Time: November 12-19, 2022. 1 Full Week*.

Join us we jump into some of best deep sea fishing grounds ever! We're sailing overnight from Eleuthera across 6,000 feet of water in the Exuma Banks. Then we'll find harbor in the gorgeous Exumas Land and Sea Park, wait for weather and embark again for an overnight offshore sail to Georgetown, Exumas.

5 Days to Puerto Rico

Date/Time: January 2023. 2 Full Weeks*.

Join us in Georgetown, Bahamas and get ready for a spirited winter passage to Puerto Rico. We'll sail into the Atlantic and head east across Turks & Caicos, and south to San Jan.

Details About the Passage Maker

We recommend having prior experience at sea - sea sickness is a show stopper, and untrained sea legs have a tendency to bring it on. That said, the Passage Maker is full learning experience. We'll have fun at sea, discover gorgeous destinations at harbor, and tackle an array of learning topics. Full training sessions include:

  • Offshore Sailing Techniques
  • Provisioning Techniques
  • Weather analysis
  • Weather routing
  • Navigation at Sea
  • Safety at Sea
  • Maritime Communication
  • Maritime Regulations

Online preparation courses are included in your booking.

*Full Weeks - the time of a passage might be longer than expected. Life at sea has a degree of unpredictability. If you join us as a Passage Maker for "1 Full Week", you might be with us for 8, 9 or 10 days. That could be the result of waiting in safe harbor for a weather window, passage delays due to slower travels, or the need to reroute. This is why we charge a single rate regardless of 1 or 2 weeks. A significant portion of the booking costs, goes toward provisioning expenses.


Meals, food, and snacks are included. You are welcome to bring your own drinks or snacks, and we'll coordinate the meal menu in advance with you to account for dietary needs and food preferences.

As a passage maker, you will provide your own offshore life vest/harness (we have crew tethers), toiletry items, and transportation to port. We can assist in coordinating transportation and are glad to help with any questions you have in advance. 

At port, we will warmly greet you at the dinghy dock and welcome you aboard Cadence. A spare cabin is dedicated to storage of personal items and used for a private changing room.

Crew berths are located in the salon and we'll sleep in the aft cabin.


Of course it needs to be stated, offshore passage making is an experience of a lifetime! But anytime you leave harbor to sail in open oceans, you are taking your life into your own hands.

Cadence is equipped with safety gear including life raft, Satellite communication, Satellite weather updates, professional weather routing, radar, AIS, emergency SOS beacon, and required safety gear (first aid, life vests, flares, etc). 


The published dates are estimates...or as we say in sailing, "Plans are written in sand at low tide." We will coordinate with you regarding specific dates and times, and do so in advance, so you can plan your schedule and flight accommodations. In some cases, weather may be such that rerouting also means finding a flight at a different airport. For this reason we recommend booking flights that can be transferred or rescheduled. 

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