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In addition to online courses, fly in to a destination and join our floating classroom - SV Cadence. It's an experiential learning adventure! Enjoy sailing, water exploration, and make the memories of a lifetime. We'll sail, find anchorages, hold daily cruising workshops, go ashore, and do all the exploration your heart desires.

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We are not a charter business. We are two educators  turned travel vloggers providing an in-the-water, real-time floating classroom for experiential learning!

Your price pays for the online materials, courses, and on-the-water discoveries.

At this time, we are only privately inviting friends, family, and personal acquaintances for crew. If you'd like to receive a personal invitation, please join us on our virtual crew!

Online Learning + Owner's Cabin

$1400 for Two

*Or $800 for One. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Crew Opportunities 2022-2023

4 Days in the Bahamas

Join us in George Town, Exuma for four days. Together, we will island hop under sail and experience the best cruising grounds on Earth.

  • November 28-December 1, 2022 
  • December 2-5, 2022
  • December 9-12, 2022 
SV Cadence Crew Oppotunity Calendar

4 Days in Eleuthera

Join us as we sail the west side of Eleuthera Island: Rock Sound and Governor's Harbour. Bahamas locations are dependent upon permits. Contact us to get more information.

  • March 17-20, 2023
  • March 24-27, 2023
Calendar - Crew Opportunity SV Cadence

4 Days in SE United States

Join us we island hop Floriday, Georgia, and South Carolina. We will sail in the N. Atlantic on day hops and visit Cumberland Island, St. Simons, St. Catherine's Island, and Georgetown.

  • July 14-17, 2023
  • July 21-24, 2023
  • July 31-August 3, 2023

Possible Spring 2024 Locations

  • Long Island Sound
  • Newport, RI

About the Cruiser Experience...

We want to clarify that we hope to soon publicly offer the Cruising Experience as a learning experience. Certiain locations are dependent on local permit approvals. For now, we're only privately inviting family and friends to crew and visit us on Cadence, and help us to share costs. It takes a lot of work, fees, and permits to offer this kind of experience, and we're only in the process of hoping to make this a reality.

Currently, the Cruiser Experience is only available to our virtual crew, friends and family. Find your personal invitation here on Patreon >>

Here's some basic information about the experience:

Prior Experience

No prior experience is needed to join Cadence for a Cruiser Experience. Simply show up ready for world-class sailboat cruising with learning experiences included.


Homecooked dinners are included for you. You are welcome to bring your own drinks or snacks, and we'll coordinate the meal menu in advance with you to account for dietary needs and food preferences. Together we'll share in galley duties for breakfasts and lunches, and we'll provision up together on first day.

As quick crew, you will provide your own toiletry items and transportation to port. We can assist in coordinating transportation and are glad to help with any questions you have in advance. 

At port, we will warmly greet you at the dinghy dock and welcome you aboard Cadence.

Sea berths are located in the salon (sleeps up to 3), the owner's experience provides you with the forward cabins (up to 2), and we'll sleep in the aft cabin. But on those clear, starry nights, you might find yourself wanting to sleep in the cockpit under the moonlight..


We'll be in harbor and sailing close to shore. That limits the risks of bluewater sailing. But still, life on the water has its own dangers. No fear, we're prepared.

Cadence is equipped with safety gear including life raft, Satellite communication, Satellite weather updates, professional weather routing, radar, AIS, emergency SOS beacon, and required safety gear (first aid, life vests, flares, etc). 

Daily Workshops

We will cover the basics of sailboat cruising. Every sailor has their own way of doing things, and we'll show you ours. Plus, we'll load you with some of the real-life lessons we've learned from cruising ourselves. Topics will include:

  • Sailing 101
  • Diesel Engine 101 (Auxiliary Power and Generator)
  • Basics of Going Ashore
  • Anchoring Techniques
  • Provisioning
  • Basics of Weather Planning

See workshop outlines here >>

Travel & Hotels

We host our Cruiser dates at locations near international airports.

Consider booking a hotel, VRBO, or Air BnB after your stay on Cadence to enjoy a bit of island time before catching your flight.


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