Captain’s Hour RSVP

Captain’s Hour is a 60-minute video call where we welcome you aboard Cadence (virtually). It’s a friendly two-way discussion with us (Matt and Nancy, maybe Olivia). At Captain’s hour, we discuss our travel plans, share a lesson learned from the sea, and talk about all your questions.

This is a recorded video call, but your video/speaking participation is not required to attend – you can just join and watch.

We welcome any level of participation that you’re comfortable with.




  1. Is There a Charge for Attending? The Virtual Crew on Patreon attends for free. If you’re not a member of the Virtual Crew, we ask you make a donation of your choice (recommendation $2-$20). Join the Virtual Crew Here >
  2. How Do I Donate? Head over to the tip jar to send your donation.
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  3. Is this a YouTube Live? No. It’s better. It’s a Zoom call, which allows us to talk back and forth unlike YouTube or Facebook Live which only allows one-way video and chatting.
  4. What is Zoom? It’s a video conferencing app, but you won’t need anything special other than the link we send you. You can attend via your phone, a tablet, or a computer.

Bring a snack, your evening beverage, and a guest.

It’s going to be good!

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