Ocean Passages & Cruising Experiences

Find cruising experiences, learn aboard ocean passages, and discover the joys of life on a sailboat with the Fosters.


Basic: 1-2 Days

Experience anchor life, sundowners aboard Cadence, and a bit of relaxing sailing.

  • 1-4 People in Your Party
  • Afternoon, Evening, or Overnight
  • No Experience Required
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Cruiser Experience

Intermediate: 3-4 Days

Fly in to a destination and explore with us. Enjoy sailing, water exploration, and make the memories of a lifetime!

  • 2 People in Your Party
  • 4 Days
  • Multiple Anchorages
  • Workshops
  • Cabin for 2


Passage Maker

Advanced: 1-2 Weeks

Join us for bluewater sailing at various destinations around the world. 

  • Single Berth
  • Extensive Training Provided
  • Navigation Sessions
  • Weather Planning/Routing
Per Berth


Cadence is not a charter and not a captain for hire

The passages Experiences combine online learning with hands-on Learning 

These learning experiences provide the ultimate in what it's like to live on and travel the seas.

We're just starting out. That means, for now, crew opportunities are noncommercial and shared by private invitation to friends, family, and patrons.

Hopefully, we can invite you as crew in the future!! 

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The Journey of Your Choice

Choose from one of the three crew and passage making experiences. Each offers a unique value and learning experience. The sundowner offers the pleasures of life on anchor with or without , the cruiser experience is an in-depth training ground for all things sailboat cruising, and the passage maker brings you hands-on with the Fosters as a member of the Cadence crew for multiple days of bluewater sailing and cruising experiences.

All experiences include online courses.

Passage Maker

This is our premiere bluewater experience. It is offshore sailing and bluewater passage making at its finest. You are not aboard a cruise ship, not aboard a catamaran, and not aboard a 55 foot vessel.

But that's what makes this unique!

This is offshore sailing aboard Cadence, a 39'10" open ocean cruising sailboat. We've taken her thousands of nautical miles - coastal, islands, offshore, and bluewater. As a passage maker, you will experience 1-2 weeks of sailing in bluewater!

Prior sailing experience is recommended. We will provide extensive hands-on training, and you will participate in the navigation sessions, weather routing, and weather planning.

Walk away as a passage maker with the confidence of cruising your own vessel...or returning again aboard Cadence!

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Think hands-on, adventure vacation! There will be plenty of sailing, exploring, anchoring, water activities (fishing and snorkeling, depending on location), and learning.

It's the complete cruiser experience!

Fly into a destination, meet us at the dinghy dock (we'll help arrange transportation from airport), and hop aboard Cadence. Come fully loaded with the expectation to experience the cruising lifestyle first-hand!

Together, we wil plan multiple anchorages, discuss weather routing, and get hands-on sailing experience in the world's most exquisite locations.

As a Cruiser, you may book the owner's cabin for two, join us solo in a sea berth, or combo crew with other friends and guests. It's all your choice. 

Daily Cruising Workshops Include:

  • Cruiser Sailing101
  • Diesel Engine 101 (Auxiliary Power and Generator)
  • Basics of Going Ashore
  • Basics of Weather Planning
  • Anchoring Techniques
  • Maintenance 101


Join us for a sundowner, some sailing, and/or an overnight experience on anchor. If you just want to get away for the afternoon, this is for you. We'll meet you at the dock, dinghy out to Cadence, and relax.

We will spend 3 hours aboard Cadence for one for a liesure sail and relaxation on the water.

This is perfect if you're wanting to explore the sailing liveaboard lifestyle, learn a little about sailing, or just come hang out with us and avoid the stress of the week!

Prices start at $300 for the 3 hour sundowner experience, but you can customize the experience based on your preference and party size.

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